Bluegrass Bouquet – DOB

Bluegrass_Bouquet_cover-2008_small1“Bluegrass Bouquet”
Blue Circle Records
Released: Sept 2008

$12.00 includes shipping

Daughters featured on this CD include:
Gena Britt, Dale Ann Bradley, Beth Stevens, Heather Berry, Michelle Nixon, Frances Mooney, Valerie Smith, Beth Lawrence, Mindy Rakestraw, Jeanette Williams, Lisa Ray, Lorraine Jordan, Janet McGarry, Tina Adair, Martha Adcock, Gloria Belle, Kristin Scott Benson, Rebecca Isaacs Bowman, Becky Buller, Amber Burks, Donica Christensen,  Carol Lee Cooper, Amelia Demoss, Jenee Fleenor, Rebecca Fraizer, Jenni Lyn Gardner, Sophie Tipton Haislip, Dixie Hall, Sierra Hull, Sonya Isaacs, Sally Jones, Annette Kelley,  Becky Lawrence, Linda Lay, Lily Lieux, Lizzy Long, Rebekah Long, Lisa Manning, Judi Marshall, Janice Martin, Jeana Martin, Larita Martin, Lisa Martin, Megan McCormick, Alecia Nugent, Vicki Simmons, Jeanie Stanley,  Jennifer Strickland, Louise Tomberlain, Rhonda Vincent,  Paula Wolak, Dara Wray, Stacy York & Local Fleur This CD is dedicated to our dear friend, Lynn Morris

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  1. Proud to be a Daughter (All Daughters)
  2. I Don’t Think I’m Going Back to Harlan (Dale Ann Bradley)
  3. Keep On Walking (Jeanette Williams)
  4. There Ought To Be More to Love than This (Lisa Ray)
  5. Carolina State Of Mind (Gena Britt-Tew)
  6. Desmoranda (Valerie Smith)
  7. I’m Gonna Love You Now (Frances Mooney)
  8. Nobody Home (Lorraine Jordan)
  9. Leaving Here for Nashville (Various Daughters)
  10. Everybody Got a Light (Beth Stevens)
  11. The Old Family Table (Various Daughters)
  12. Will You Ever Be Satified (Michelle Nixon)
  13. Go Up On the Mountain and Wait (Various Daughters)
  14. I Made a Friend of a Flower Today (Heather Berry)
  15. Your Memory Followed Me Home (Mindy Rakestraw)
  16. Scenes From an Old Country Graveyard (Janet McGarry)
  17. Take Me With You (Beth Lawrence)

“This Bouquet of Talented Bluegrass Women bring the best to Bluegrass!” ~ Gracie Muldoon,